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 In These Detrimental Times 


Much of the older generation had been youth when drugs were becoming a prominent treatment to illnesses and deficiencies.  Without a thorough understanding of deleterious side effects of medication use, Pharmaceuticals had become an integrated but novel component of this generation.  Currently, many have adopted their parents values around the habitual use of medications, simply because it has been a familiar part of life. Once something has lost its novelty, it fades from being a prominent topic of scrutiny.
The every day consumption of medications has manifested to the point where science fiction depicts the future as a race of humans fueled by food in the form of pills. This phantasmal depiction of the future has made pill use even more appealing to youth and further assimilating pharmaceutical use into popular culture.

 Pharmaceuticals have become an invasive species in bathrooms. The image of a toothbrush and toothpaste conjure up ideas around everyday routines of cleanliness, what is seen as proper social decorum and an act of habituation. In my observational still life drawing, I have placed prescription medications next to a toothbrush and toothpaste, other fundamental objects used every day, to highlight the wide acceptance of medications by our culture and our habitual dependence on them. How do we begin to become more cognizant of these acts of habituation? It is in pursuing the mundane that we will develop a greater sense awareness.

Graphite on Acid Free Paper 

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