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                                                              Harmonize Series

   Harmonize is a series of work promoting integration of nature in to the industrial, urbanized world. I have come to appreciate these elements through my dichotomous living experience. Living in New York, I witnessed man, becoming disjointed from nature. The ubiquitous greenery of British Columbia forces man to acquiesce when forming a structure. It amazes me to see the influence the elements have on mankind’s structures after living in a city where nature is undermined by the industrial world.
   I hope to demonstrate humanity is an extension of nature just as the industrialized world is an extension of humanity. I aspire to dissolve the concept of indoors and outdoors with pieces that demonstrate unification between the modern and natural world. Nature is a exemplary of efficient methods to work within our surroundings. More so, the organic world fosters tranquility.
     Our appreciation of Nature’s organic forms is a function of our evolution past. We have adapted to our organic surroundings, synthesizing its elements instinctively, without undue questioning. Hence we can utilize our thought process towards appreciating natural forms. Due to the lower caliber of necessary brain activity required to synthesize nature, we are put into a state of relaxation; the world is not as taxing on us.  

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