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Pharmaceutical Sconce

I have come to realize the deleterious effects of the pharmaceuticals we submissively take as prescribed. I am integrating pharmaceutical related objects into home appliances in order to demonstrate how readily we accept these drugs into our lives, our homes. We fail to realize the negative long-term effects on our bodies and continue to view pharmaceuticals at face value. Our view of prescribed medication runs parallel to our view of household appliances. Just as we do not question the detrimental long-term effects of legal narcotics, we do not question the harmful long-term effects of electricity. Thus, I believe it is appropriate to create a line of light fixtures that draw attention to this issue, hopefully, evoking curiosity within pharmaceutical users. Additionally, this contrast seems to be an effective way to present an issue to society through satirical means. Common culture does not want to directly come to terms with such an issue. Thus, I find art to be an excellent vehicle for drawing attention to the matter.

W 1' by H 10.75"
Paper Mache, Vinyl Spackle, Acrylic Gel

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