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The Pharmaceutical Industry may be viewed from one extreme as assisting mankind, or conversely manipulating it. My own experience biases my views and focuses on the deleterious effects of prescriptions and the need to challenge pharmaceutical companies. 

The Pharmaceutical Industry has a monopoly on the distribution channels, exerting influence on our trusted doctors who represent a legitimate, confirmatory source in culture, thereby engineering our acceptance of prescriptions. Likewise, the Industry has influenced us through direct advertising via television, billboards, magazines, and the internet. The Pharmaceutical Industry’s influence on society and its impact on doctors has provided a means to make the "pills easier to swallow." 

In the past, I was overseen by a physician who repetitively altered my regime and offered me a myriad of costly prescriptions. Unbeknownst to me, the doctor was being impacted by the pharmaceutical companies' marketing techniques, embodied in the very pen that was used to write my prescriptions. I trusted this professional, as I believed that she was offering me the most innovative and proven medications. However, her prescriptions failed to produce anticipated results. Thereafter, I considered the enticements provided to doctors in general, encouraging them to promote new prescriptions that might not be the best interest of the patient and serves the interests of the manipulative pharmaceutical industry. 


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